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The Mondifeso winery is locatedat an average height of 800 m. above sea level resting on slopes of Mount Difeso within the Etna Park. 

The company, which covers approximately 7 hectares, enjoys a particular microclimate which is characterized by an excellent availability of light, with exposure to the East/South-East, and by a notable day-night temperature range which allows the protection of the heritage aroma of the grapes.

The most important native varieties of the Etna area are grown in the vineyard, both white  Carricante  and red  Nerello Mascalese, falling within the production area of the D.O.C. Etna.

Wine producers for three generations, the company was founded in the 1970s, through uprooting and replanting with an espalier system, which replaced the old training system.

Since 2005 the production activity has made use of the organic production method.  


The beating heart of the old vineyard, located on the slopes of Mount Difeso, was focused on the ancient Palmento built way back in 1800, today the company's current sales point


The vineyard, partly cultivated on terraces, has a position with sections with a slope of more than 30% so as to become part of heroic viticulture.

Bottiglie di vino



A really nice location with excellent wines and friendly introductions to them. We went there as a family group and enjoyed Sicilian cheeses, breads and hams with their excellent wine which we were then able to purchase plenty of, to drink at our villa and take some home with us.

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